Academic Web Presence Event

EGSS invites you to drop by the Grad Lounge on Wednesday, April 6th, between 11:30- 1:30 p.m. to come get your professional photos done and to receive some tips and advice on creating and managing your professional profiles online.

Erica Katelyn has kindly volunteered her time to be our photographer, and Tiffany Chan (MA), Lindsey Seatter(PhD), and Alex Christie (PhD) will be attending as mentors to showcase their successful online profiles and to offer their advice on maintaining an effective online presence. Some examples of their online platforms include WordPress, Linked-In, and Twitter.

We also invite the support of other students who are knowledgeable about these or other online platforms to come and share their expertise!

For MA students especially, after having worked on your Teaching Dossiers for 502, this would be a great opportunity to spend a morning dedicated to uploading these online.
We will offer refreshments and snacks so please come hungry, and bring a dress-shirt or top that you would like to be photographed with. The event will be organized casually, so that you may just drop by and leave with your photo, a few tips, and some snacks, or so that you can spend the whole time working on developing your online profile sitting with a motivated group of others.

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