Current Members of the EGSS

President and PhD Representative: Janice Niemann

Vice-President and MA Representative: Kirsten Shuhmacher

English Student Representative in Graduate Student Society: Janice Niemann

Secretary: Natalie Boldt

Treasurer: Hannah Rizun

Digital Communications Committee: Kailey Fukushima (Webmaster), Kaitlyn Fralick

Academic and Professional Committee: Graham Boldt (Chair)

Conference and Colloquia Committee: Kevin Tunnicliffe (Chair)

Social Committee: Sean Oliver (Chair), Sarah Karlson, Ellen Graham

Getting Involved

Elections are held at the start of each academic year for the Chairs of each committee, as well as President, Vice-President, Webmaster, and Secretary. Depending on how many nominations there are, these positions can be jointly held.

Anyone may join a committee as a member at any point and you can be a member of more than one committee at a time. EGSS monthly meetings are open to all English grad students to address any ideas for new initiatives or concerns. You can also write for our blog or email us at uvicegss[at]

Even if you are not part of a committee, we hope you can attend and support your fellow students throughout the year!


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