Fundraiser FAQ

How does the fundraiser work?

UVic’s English Graduate Student Society (EGSS) is hosting a silent auction to raise funds for future EGSS activities and student support. This year, we have a fundraising goal of $200.

For this fundraiser, EGSS members have donated skills, experiences, and gently used goods for auction. We’re inviting you to bid on these donations. Winning bidders then donate the amount to EGSS and get to enjoy the skill, experience, or good they bid on.

How do I make a bid and when will I know if my bid wins?

Browse the online catalogue to see if there are any skills, experiences, or gently used goods that interest you. Click on the image to read a description of the donation and the donor’s contact information. To make a bid, contact the donor by email and let them know how much you’re bidding. 

Remember, even if you’ve contacted the donor with a bid, your bid amount may not win. In this case, you do not need to transfer money (we’re only collecting donations from winning bids). However, many donations can accommodate multiple people which means multiple bids can win those skills or experiences.

If you’ve made a winning bid on a donation, the donor will contact you by email within a week and let you know.

I’ve made a winning bid, how do I send my donation to EGSS?

Congratulations and thank you for supporting the EGSS! We prefer winning bidders send their donation value over e-transfer to treasureregss[at]gmail[dot]com. 

If your bank requires a security question for e-transfers, please use the surname of the person’s donation you are bidding on. Put the type of donation your bid won (eg. Persian language lessons) in the e-transfer message so we know whose name you used.

If e-transfers aren’t ideal for you, you can arrange to make your donation in cash or cheque by contacting either Julie Funk (juliemfunk[at]uvic[dot]ca) or Kevin Tunnicliffe (ktunni[at]uvic[dot]ca).

When can I *do* the thing I bought?

Once you’ve made a winning bid, feel free to keep in contact with the person offering the skill, experience, or good and arrange a date and time to meet that works for both of you. This is a good opportunity to discuss any other needs you might have (eg. drop-off or pick-up? Online or in-person?).

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