Vocal Coaching, Presentation Skills, or Speech and Communication

Usually termed Vocal Coaching; depending on the audience I am trying to reach could also come under the category of Presentation Skills orSpeech and Communication. Session(s) could take whatever form is most helpful or wanted. Perhaps this Hallowe’en you want to ensure that your friends are both amused and terrified when you deliver Old Hamlet’s fabulous speech that begins “I am thy father’s spirit, Doomed for a certain term to walk the night …” . Or maybe you have a class presentation/job interview/audition coming up you want specific preparation for. Or maybe you want to learn techniques/exercises in order to develop your public speaking skills in general.

Like most artists in Canada, I struggle to find employment; my solution was to go to grad school. Again. But I have an Equity card and everything. Here’s a link for my most recent Fringe Show: https://www.pacificrenaissancetheatre.com.

I have in mind one-on-one coaching, but I could certainly teach a general class of up to twelve. It depends what the specific needs of the bidder(s) are. I also prefer in person, but of course it depends on where things stand with covid; restrictions are easing but could change. Could be one session or could be more depending on what needs are; to be discussed.

Please contact Jennifer Doyle at doyleja@uvic.ca.

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