2016-2017 Election Results

Hello English Grads,

The English Graduate Student Society (EGSS) is delighted to announce your newest officials: Bassam Chiblak (EGSS President/PhD Representative), Angie Park (EGSS Vice-President/MA Representative), and David Eso (English Student Representative in Graduate Society).

Information about the time and place of the first EGSS meeting will follow shortly. The internally elected positions of Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Social Chair, Academic Chair, and Colloquium Chair will be filled at this meeting. If you are unable to attend but are interested in holding one of the above listed positions, please contact either Bassam or Angie to carry your nomination.

2016-2017 Elections

Dear English Graduate Students,

Welcome to the start of the 2016-2017 Academic Year! The English Graduate Student Society (EGSS) is excited to get the ball rolling and this means starting with elections.

The elected positions on the EGSS are President (represented by a PhD student) and Vice-President (represented by a MA student). Last year, Caroline Winter served as President and Alyssa Currie served as Vice-President. They will continue in their roles until after the election period has closed. If you have any questions about the positions, please reach out to them.

This post is the official Notice of Elections. The EGSS nomination period begins on 6 September 2016 and ends on 13 September 2016. If you are interested in running for either position, send an email to UVicEGSS@gmail.com. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please CC them on the email, as we will need their permission to present them as an official candidate. Two English Graduate students who are not running for the positions run the election. This year, Alyssa Currie and I are the election officers.

The election bylaws are included below for further information. The campaign and voting periods will follow later this month. Stay tuned for more information!



BYLAW IV – Elections and Resolutions

4.1 Procedures for Elections

  1. Elections for Graduate Student Representatives (one from PhD students and one from MA students) shall be scheduled every year in September.
  2. Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot using the majority system.
  3. Elections shall be conducted by two (2) volunteer Election Officers, who are not permitted to run in the elections.

4.2 Notice of Elections

  1. Elections automatically end on the last business day of September every year.
  2. Notice of elections and call for nominations shall be given to members specifying the schedule of elections on the first day of classes in the fall term.
  3. Notice shall consist of not less than the following:
  4. One email notice to Department of English Graduate Students, sent to the Graduate Student listserv by the Elections Officer. Multiple email notices of elections are encouraged.
  5. Posting to the UVic Graduate English Facebook group < https://www.facebook.com/groups/uvicgraduateenglish/&gt;

iii. Single page advertisement of elections posted throughout the Department of English, including but not limited to: the Graduate Student Lounge (Clearihue C350), the Graduate Student Mailbox Area, and the Graduate Director’s office.

  1. Posting on the UVic EGSS website. < https://uvicegss.wordpress.com/&gt;.

4.3 Schedule of Elections

  1. Election Nomination Period
  2. Nominations shall open for at least seven (7) days.
  3. Campaign Period
  4. Campaigns shall open when the nomination period ends.
  5. Polling Period
  6. Polling must take place over at least three (3) business days.
  7. Counting of Ballots
  8. The counting of ballots must take place within two (2) business days after the close of polls.


  1. The counting of ballots should be conducted by the two (2) Election Officers.


4.4 Election Nominations

  1. Nominees must be members of the EGSS.
  2. Nominations should be sent via email to UVicEGSS@gmail.com with the heading “EGSS Nominations”
  3. In the case that the nominee is not nominating themselves, they should be cc’d on the nomination email

4.5 Voting and Ballots

  1. Election Ballots should contain the name of the nominees, the positions that they are nominated for, and a place to register a vote.
  2. Ballots should be provided in electronic form

4.6 Results shall be posted in at least the following locations: the Graduate Student Lounge, the Graduate Student Mailbox area, the UVic Graduate Student Facebook Page, and the UVic EGSS website.

4.7 Acclamations

  1. When a nominee runs unopposed, the nominee shall be acclaimed to the desired position at the following meeting.


Year-End Event!

The EGSS will be hosting a year-end event on Thursday, April 7. All faculty, graduate students, and their families are welcome to attend!

Our celebration will begin with laser tag at Laser City from 5:00-6:00 and will continue from 6:00 onwards at Swan’s Brewpub. If you are interested in playing laser tag, you must sign-up via the sign-up sheet on the Grad Lounge door. There is only room for 16 players, so claim your space before you miss out! If you can’t join us for laser tag, be sure to pop by the pub for some appetizers and socializing.

We hope to see you there!

Academic Web Presence Event

EGSS invites you to drop by the Grad Lounge on Wednesday, April 6th, between 11:30- 1:30 p.m. to come get your professional photos done and to receive some tips and advice on creating and managing your professional profiles online.

Erica Katelyn has kindly volunteered her time to be our photographer, and Tiffany Chan (MA), Lindsey Seatter(PhD), and Alex Christie (PhD) will be attending as mentors to showcase their successful online profiles and to offer their advice on maintaining an effective online presence. Some examples of their online platforms include WordPress, Linked-In, Academic.edu and Twitter.

We also invite the support of other students who are knowledgeable about these or other online platforms to come and share their expertise!

For MA students especially, after having worked on your Teaching Dossiers for 502, this would be a great opportunity to spend a morning dedicated to uploading these online.
We will offer refreshments and snacks so please come hungry, and bring a dress-shirt or top that you would like to be photographed with. The event will be organized casually, so that you may just drop by and leave with your photo, a few tips, and some snacks, or so that you can spend the whole time working on developing your online profile sitting with a motivated group of others.

English Graduate Colloquium, Spring 2016: “Ideas of March” Program

EGSS Spring 2016 Colloquium: Ideas of March
Friday, March 4, 2016
Clearihue rm. C109, University of Victoria

2:00 Welcome from moderator, Nadia Timperio

2:05 Caroline Winter
“The Price of Usurpation”: Blood, Money, and Legitimate Ownership in Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto and Clara Reeve’s The Old English Baron

2:15 Rose Morris
All the Monstrous Forms: Feminine Corruption and the Grotesque in Comus, Paradise Lost, and Goblin Market

2:25 Alyssa Currie
Animals in the Archives: Locating Tigers in 18th-Century London

2:35 Q&A

2:50 Break

3:05 Alana Sayers
What is Indigenous Literature?

3:15 Sarah Matheson
Dead in the Water

3:25 Q&A

3:40 Break

3:55 Nadia Timperio
The Problem of Bigger Thomas: Richard Wright’s, Paul Green’s, and Nambi E.
Kelly’s Native Sons

4:05 Yusuf Saadi
Mind and World: The Remnants of the Poetic Subject’s Consciousness in Derek Mahon’s
Night-Crossing and The Snow Party

4:15 Bassam Chiblak
Exclaiming the Panorama in William Morris’s ‘Iceland First Seen’

4:25 Q&A

4:40 Closing Remarks