The University of Victoria’s English Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) is a student-run society that operates on behalf of all graduate students in the English department. Our purpose is to maintain and improve all aspects of academic, professional, and social life for English graduate students at UVic. We meet approximately once a month to discuss and debate current issues in the department and to organize events for students.

More formally, and as outlined in the Department of English Graduate Handbook (recently updated for the 2017-2018 year):

The English Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) is an association dedicated to promoting the academic and professional interests of English graduate students. In addition to helping fellow students negotiate academic and career concerns, the EGSS provides opportunities for students to connect on a more informal basis—bringing Ph.D. and M.A. candidates together in relaxed social settings. The EGSS believes that an important aspect of any graduate community is its ability to share information and exchange ideas freely. In order to create a sense of community amongst English graduate students, the EGSS hosts a number of events each year that allow students to get to know one another outside of the classroom.

The Ph.D. Graduate Student Representative serves as President of the EGSS, and the M.A. Graduate Student Representative serves as Vice-President. The participation of both returning and new graduate students is essential to the success of the EGSS. All students are strongly encouraged to become involved.

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