Pomodoro Spring 2019

It’s that time of year again! Time to turn away from the beautiful sunshine and get down to graduate student studying-time business. Back by popular demand, it’s the EGSS Pomodoro.

Come on down to room CLE B315 at 5pm on Tuesday March 26th, Tuesday April 2nd, and Thursday April 4th to study with your peers and enjoy some complimentary coffee and sweets. For those of you who haven’t heard of the “Pomodoro” study style, it’s essentially set periods of silent study time broken up by ten to fifteen minute breaks during which students are encouraged to chat about life, love and (in our case) literature.

Thanks to Graham Boldt for coordinating these events!

EGSS Colloquium 2019

EGSS Spring Colloquium-1

EGSS Colloquium and “Un-Conference” 2019

The EGSS is happy to announce the details of its annual Spring Colloquium, which will be held Friday, March 29th at the Halpern Centre. We are planning a full day of events, so read on for the lowdown.


For Your Information:

This year, the colloquium is something of an “un-conference.” Presentations are more structured and formal than a seminar discussion, but less polished and somewhat looser than a traditional conference presentation. Your contribution can go on your CV, though it may primarily serve as a practice run or a chance to get more comfortable speaking in front of a small (and supportive) audience. Most importantly, you’re already doing the work, so you may as well put it to use and share your inspiring research with your peers!

And the excitement doesn’t stop there! The Professional Development Committee will be sponsoring a panel that will provide practical advice about the PhD application process and life as a PhD student.

Finally, to cap off the day, the Social Committee will also be hosting an event after the colloquium; stay tuned for more details!

If you’re not already convinced, here are a few more incentives for you:

  1. Our wonderful Graduate Advisor, Dr. Adrienne Williams Boyarin, has agreed to provide verbal feedback (during her office hours, or by appointment) in the week after the colloquium, if requested.
  2. Presentation topics will be archived on the EGSS website.
  3. You should have a vague sense of moral duty to participate and support this event, which will be the last big EGSS hurrah of the semester.


Call for Papers (closed):

The Spring Colloquium is not organized around a specific theme; however, we aim to put together panels of 3-4 presentations that work well together. You are also welcome, even encouraged, to submit a proposal for a panel. Presentations of all topics will be considered, including, but not limited to, traditional research papers, current debates in scholarship, discussions of pedagogical innovation, and professional development topics. We suggest submitting papers or panels coming out of current or past coursework or research projects.

Presentations should run approximately 15-20 minutes each, as a discussion period will follow each set of presentations.

Please send short abstracts (<250 words) or panel proposals (<500 words) to ktunni[at]uvic.ca. In your email, also inform the colloquium committee 1) if you lead a tutorial, or have other commitments, and what time you are unavailable to present between 12-6 p.m., 2) if you require audio/visual equipment, and 3) if you would like feedback following the colloquium.

Individual papers and panel proposals should be submitted by March 13th.
* Deadline extended to March  15th *

Please send any questions to Kevin Tunnicliffe at ktunni[at]uvic.ca.

Thank you for considering participating in what promises to be a fun and fascinating event!



The schedule for the colloquium was circulated via the English-grads listserv on 25 March 2019. In addition to three grad student research panels, the academic and professional committee is hosting a Pro-D panel called “PhD for Dummies: The Insider’s Scoop on Health and Success in a PhD Program.” MA student Stefan Higgins will take professional portraits free-of-charge (thank you, Stefan!) Then, at the end of the night, the social committee is hosting a dinner at the grad house as well as a board game night. Everyone is welcome to come and stay for any or all of the events. We hope to see you there!

**Click here to access the schedule for the EGSS Spring Colloquium**


Pomodoro Fall 2018

Image result for pomodoro technique
Image: “Manage Stress with the Pomodoro Technique

Back by popular demand, the EGSS’s first Pomodoro event of Fall 2018 will be held November 27th (that’s next Tuesday) in the English Department Seminar Room. Come on down at 5pm to study with your peers and enjoy some complimentary coffee and sweets. For those of you who haven’t heard of the “Pomodoro” study style, it’s essentially set periods of silent study time broken up by ten to fifteen-minute breaks during which students are encouraged to chat about life, love and (in our case) literature.

If you can’t make this one, not to fear! The EGSS will be holding two additional Pomodoro events on December 4th and 6th (same time, same place). Come on the 6th for mounds of free pizza (with vegan options!).

Many thanks to Graham Boldt for organizing these events!

Omeka Launch 2018

Hi everyone! Please drop in to the soft launch of the most recent pages on the English 500 graduate student digital library exhibit, Movable Type: Print Material in Special Collections, on Thursday 29 March at 9-10am in the departmental meeting room (Cle C344).

Students will be giving demos of their material:

  • Chase Templet on Sir Walter Ralegh’s The History of the World(1614)
  • Ashley Howard on John Donne’s Biathanatos (1648)
  • Gennie Kirk on A Collection of Plays Performed at the Theatres Royal in London and Dublin (1764-1801)
  • Jordan Erlendson on James Cook’s Voyage to the Pacific Ocean(1784)
  • Kate Fralick on The Strand Magazine (1891-1950)
  • Kailey Fukushima on The Girl’s Own Paper: Supplementary Volume (1915)
  • Tyler Fontenot on BLAST: The War Number (1915)
  • Carly Cumpstone on the Castle of Frankenstein (1962-1975)
  • Talia Greene on Heresies Magazine (1977-1993)
  • Graham Boldt on The Play of Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Barbarian Press, 2010)

Hope to see you there to celebrate this impressive graduate student collections-based research using the Omeka digital exhibit platform, which builds on student work from the previous year’s cohort.

Some of the students will also be presenting their material at a Treasures and Tea event, organised by Special Collections, on Wednesday 4 April at 1-3pm in the Special Collections seminar room.

Treasures and Tea: Old Books, New Tools

Call for Participants for the EGSS Spring Colloquium 2018

Greetings, fellow grad students!

It’s that time of year again, where we start to contemplate our final essays and projects, but then decide we have a bit more time and watch some Netflix instead. The EGSS wants to help you stop procrastinating. We want to hold a colloquium on March 23rd, where you can all workshop your ideas. No set topic and no required stage of completion. You can come with some preliminary research, an outline, a first draft, a finished paper, a paper from a previous semester, or just a raw idea you want to bounce off your cohort. This will also make a great contribution to your CV! Let’s support each other as fellow researchers and academics.

Please submit your ideas to me (Kate Adams) by March 16th. Please include a 100 word abstract letting me know what concept you’re working on and how far along you are, and let me know if you will need technical support.

Nov. 28th: Pomodoro Take II

On Nov. 28th from 6:00pm-9:00pm, there will be another Pomodoro Night in Clearihue C316 (the department seminar room). The event is Bring Your Own Coffee/Tea/Snacks, with the option to order pizza or go out for drinks afterwards.

Please note that the room is booked right up until 6pm, so early birds may want to wait in the grad lounge or in the hall.

Best of luck for the end term to all students!

Poster by Natalie Boldt.

Pomodoro Night on Nov. 21!

The EGSS is running a Pomodoro Night this fall to help you hammer out those papers! Come join us to write with the moral support of your peers, along with free coffee and treats!

See the posters below for more information.

What is Pomodoro? The pomodoro technique is a time management and productivity strategy where you alternate between 25 min working intervals and short, typically 5 min breaks. In some versions, you take a longer break of 10 min every three intervals. The motivation behind pomodoro is to limit distractions (you are not allowed to check Facebook, SMS, etc. during those 25 minutes) and the possibility of burning out too quickly.

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Posters by Natalie Boldt. Thanks, Natalie!

Academic Web Presence Event

EGSS invites you to drop by the Grad Lounge on Wednesday, April 6th, between 11:30- 1:30 p.m. to come get your professional photos done and to receive some tips and advice on creating and managing your professional profiles online.

Erica Katelyn has kindly volunteered her time to be our photographer, and Tiffany Chan (MA), Lindsey Seatter(PhD), and Alex Christie (PhD) will be attending as mentors to showcase their successful online profiles and to offer their advice on maintaining an effective online presence. Some examples of their online platforms include WordPress, Linked-In, Academic.edu and Twitter.

We also invite the support of other students who are knowledgeable about these or other online platforms to come and share their expertise!

For MA students especially, after having worked on your Teaching Dossiers for 502, this would be a great opportunity to spend a morning dedicated to uploading these online.
We will offer refreshments and snacks so please come hungry, and bring a dress-shirt or top that you would like to be photographed with. The event will be organized casually, so that you may just drop by and leave with your photo, a few tips, and some snacks, or so that you can spend the whole time working on developing your online profile sitting with a motivated group of others.