Want to Contribute?

The EGSS Student Blog welcomes contributions/submissions of many kinds — see below for guidelines and a list of possibilities. You can also pitch an idea if it’s not on the list!

Consider if there is something you have already written that you may be able to revise or repurpose for the EGSS site rather than writing completely from scratch.

Why contribute?

Although the EGSS cannot offer payment for contributions, there some advantages:

  • A line for your CV or resume
  • More exposure and a larger audience (academic or public) for your research or other work
  • To make other students or faculty aware of opportunities and/or resources that they did not know existed or that they might be interested in
  • Record past initiatives or experiences that future students and/or EGSS committees may look to as examples of what they can do during their degree

What can I contribute?

  • Student presentations, events, initiatives or other opportunities:
    • A condensed/edited version or an excerpt of a talk or presentation you have given (e.g. at a conference or colloquium)
    • A brief summary, report, or response on/to an event or talk you attended or  an opportunity important to your graduate experience (e.g. co-op, travel abroad)
    • A teaser or announcement about an event or initiative you are involved in (may or may not be related to the department)
  • Interviews: an interview with a student or faculty member (can be outside the English department) or an informational interview with someone whose alt-academic or post-academic career interests you. If you would like to be put in contact with someone in a particular field, consider asking a mentor or the Graduate Advisor if they know anyone!
  • Resources: a recommendation, review, or compilation of resources or tools that other students may find useful; general advice for other students

If you would like to publish something that isn’t on the list, please send a short pitch to uvicegss[at]gmail[dot]com, or to the webmaster directly.


The suggested length for blog posts is between 300-750 words. You may go over the limit, but the guidelines are for your own protection in terms of time spent. You have been warned!

Contributions can be in .docx, .pdf, or .txt format. Please also include a brief bio with your name as you would like it to appear, your year/program (e.g. “1st-year MA”), and any other info you would like others to know (e.g. your research interests, an RA, TA, or fellowship position). Please include any relevant links in the post itself (how to include hyperlinks in Word). Including images (even if it’s just one!) is highly encouraged but not mandatory. Please also include a descriptive caption and any credits for images.

Posts or pitches can be submitted to uvicegss[at]gmail[dot]com, or to the webmaster directly, and are published on a rolling basis. If you’d like the post to be published on a specific date, please indicate this in your submission email. The webmaster will contact authors with a preview of the post before making it public or promoting it.


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