2021-09-14 – EGSS Elections Announcement

Dear fellow English grads, the time for the EGSS elections in upon us!

We would now like to open the nomination period of the election process. Starting today, and ending by end of day on Monday, September 20th, we will be accepting nominations for the following positions:

  1. President/PhD Student Representative
  2. Vice President/MA Student Representative
  3. GSS Representative
  4. Academic/Professional Development Chair
  5. Conference/Colloquia Chair
  6. Social Chair
  7. Secretary
  8. Digital Communications Officer/Webmaster

Students usually nominate themselves, though you may nominate someone else, too. Nominations should be sent to BOTH and; if you are nominating someone else, they must also be CC’d in the email. At this point, you only need to state that you wish to nominate yourself or someone else.

Please note that only the President and Vice President positions need to be filled by official election proceedings—all other positions can be assigned during our next EGSS meeting, which will take place after the election. So, if you have questions, or would be interested in being a co-chair for one of these positions, you can indicate in your email that you would like to discuss the role further at the next meeting. Of course, if you wish to join a committee, but not to chair it, you need not nominate yourself at this time.

Once the nomination period is complete, we will determine if there will be a “campaigning period,” during which competing candidates for the President and Vice President roles would offer brief bios and statements of intent. After this period, we will hold an anonymous vote using an online platform, which will be held in the final week of September.

Questions can be sent to, but all nominations must be sent to both emails, as outlined above.

All best,

Kevin Tunnicliffe, EGSS President
Michael Carelse, EGSS Vice President