EGSS Meeting Minutes – 25 February 2015

English Graduate Students’ Society

February 25, 2015

Meeting opened at 5:34 by Caroline Winter.

Previous minutes January 29, 2015 signed.

  1. Correspondence: none
  2. Executive update
    1. News from M.A. Representative: Lawrence Evalyn
      • GSS meeting: a number of bylaw amendments to be passed on March 24 at the AGM. A number of positions still open on the board and these positions have a stipend (of approximately $500/month). Lawrence will post this information to the Facebook page in order to inform students of these openings and the elections next month. Several CFPs coming up in the next few weeks
      • Union meeting: off-record (confidential material)
    2. News from Ph.D. Representative: Caroline Winter
      • Department meeting: Kevin Tunnicliffe won a teaching award and Lawrence Evalyn won his round of three-minute thesis – congratulations. Some faculty retiring and they will be hiring new faculty for these positions (no longer a hiring freeze). MA applications were down in number but up in quality. 10 strong PhD applications, and probably offering funding to 2-4 students. Website updates are coming (no longer going to have biography pages). Starting to hire sessional instructors for two terms instead of one term. Enrollment in 147 is down 30% this semester (considering lowering enrollments; however this would effect TA positions, which the department understands is an issue). Considering lowering enrollment for 200-level courses also
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Academic and Professional Chair: Emily Hector (not present)
      • Special Collections wants to work more closely with graduate students. Session being hosted on 19th C. collections
      • Graduate skills database developed by Caroline and Jaclyn – survey sent students for responses
      • Department travel fund: rumour that it is empty?
    2. Conferences and Colloquia Chair: Becky Rodgers
      • Organizing a colloquium for the end of term: broad theme so students can present work-in-progress and term papers. April 6th conference (after end of classes and before the 147 exam). Have papers sent to the EGSS email and create a colloquia committee to review submissions. Department will likely supply some money for coffee and snacks. Call for committee (as soon as possible) and call for papers (mid-March)
    3. Social Chair: Alyssa Currie
      • Possibility of fundraisers: Kicking Horse Coffee or a book/bake sale
      • Web presence workshop: Phil would be willing to reach out to the photography group for assistance with photo session. This doesn’t need to be a super professional event but rather a pro-d workshop
      • EGSS bookmarks: Phil would be willing to design and create bookmarks. Meet with Phil to discuss marketing and images. Possibility that the department would donate money for printing? Caroline to email department about funding; Lindsey will meet with Phil about design
  4. Treasurer: Nadia Timperio (not present)
  5. New business
  6. Business from the floor
  7. Next meeting
    1. Meeting scheduled for March 20 @ 5:00.
    2. Proposed business:
      • Bank account
      • Fundraisers: Kicking Horse Coffee or a book/bookmark/bake sale
      • End of year celebration
      • Conference/colloquia update

Meeting closed at 6:30 by Lawrence.

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