EGSS Meeting Minutes – 17 April 2015

English Graduate Students’ Society

April 17, 2015

Meeting opened at 3:05 by Lindsey Seatter.

Previous minutes March 20, 2015 signed.

  1. Correspondence
  2. Executive update
    1. News from M.A. Representative: Lawrence Evalyn
      • Off the record airing of concerns
      • Possibility of assisting in restructuring the syllabus of English 500. Put together a student panel with Gary and Janelle in order to give suggestions and help on improving the workload. Schedule a meeting to discuss?
    2. News from Ph.D. Representative: Caroline Winter
      • Department meeting: revised wording around MA final essay to include options other than a standard paper – pedagogy, digital project, archival work. Research cluster on the history of the book formed (spearheaded by Alison). Gary pushing faculty to recruit new MA student (grow the population). Adrienne reported that 31 students sought her help one-on-one in her position as a GPO – because the GPO position is being amalgamated, EGSS may take over hosting some of the previous GPO sessions. Sam McFarlane won the Scottish Studies award! Importance of promoting graduate student work – EGSS newsletter that publishes achievements?
      • SSHRC applications: possibility of adding/moving SSHRC instruction to the beginning of English 500 in order to aid students in application
  3. Officer reports
    1. Academic and Professional Chair: Emily Hector
    2. Conferences and Colloquia Chair: Becky Rogers (not present)
      • Conference/colloquia was a success! Collegial, warm event. Possibility of hosting these types of events more often?
    3. Social Chair: Alyssa Currie
      • Elyse’s party!
  4. Treasurer: Nadia Timperio
    • Still waiting on a response from Patricia
  5. New business
    1. Welcome event
      • Lunch with the graduate students during orientation. Bonding between new students and returning students
    2. Student-Faculty mentorship program
      • Schedule an event to facilitate in-person meetings with faculty mentors
    3. Summer events
      • Pretty quiet during the summer – conserve funds and energy for September when people have returned for the new year
    4. Elections
      • Running for positions in September
  6. Business from the floor
    • Refurbishing the grad lounge: put out a call for furniture and supplies. Caroling found a toaster oven; Lawrence is donating a kettle; Alyssa may be donating a couch. Send email to general English listserv asking for donations. Add decoration to make it “our” space
  7. Next meeting
    1. Meeting scheduled for TBA (August or early September – before semester starts up)
    2. Proposed business:
      • Orientation event
      • Elections
      • Grad lounge refurbishing

Meeting closed at 3:58 by Lindsey.

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