Nov. 28th: Pomodoro Take II

On Nov. 28th from 6:00pm-9:00pm, there will be another Pomodoro Night in Clearihue C316 (the department seminar room). The event is Bring Your Own Coffee/Tea/Snacks, with the option to order pizza or go out for drinks afterwards.

Please note that the room is booked right up until 6pm, so early birds may want to wait in the grad lounge or in the hall.

Best of luck for the end term to all students!

Poster by Natalie Boldt.

Pomodoro Night on Nov. 21!

The EGSS is running a Pomodoro Night this fall to help you hammer out those papers! Come join us to write with the moral support of your peers, along with free coffee and treats!

See the posters below for more information.

What is Pomodoro? The pomodoro technique is a time management and productivity strategy where you alternate between 25 min working intervals and short, typically 5 min breaks. In some versions, you take a longer break of 10 min every three intervals. The motivation behind pomodoro is to limit distractions (you are not allowed to check Facebook, SMS, etc. during those 25 minutes) and the possibility of burning out too quickly.

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Posters by Natalie Boldt. Thanks, Natalie!