EGSS Spring Colloquium 2018

EGSS Spring Colloquium 2018


Omeka Launch 2018

Hi everyone! Please drop in to the soft launch of the most recent pages on the English 500 graduate student digital library exhibit, Movable Type: Print Material in Special Collections, on Thursday 29 March at 9-10am in the departmental meeting room (Cle C344).

Students will be giving demos of their material:

  • Chase Templet on Sir Walter Ralegh’s The History of the World(1614)
  • Ashley Howard on John Donne’s Biathanatos (1648)
  • Gennie Kirk on A Collection of Plays Performed at the Theatres Royal in London and Dublin (1764-1801)
  • Jordan Erlendson on James Cook’s Voyage to the Pacific Ocean(1784)
  • Kate Fralick on The Strand Magazine (1891-1950)
  • Kailey Fukushima on The Girl’s Own Paper: Supplementary Volume (1915)
  • Tyler Fontenot on BLAST: The War Number (1915)
  • Carly Cumpstone on the Castle of Frankenstein (1962-1975)
  • Talia Greene on Heresies Magazine (1977-1993)
  • Graham Boldt on The Play of Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Barbarian Press, 2010)

Hope to see you there to celebrate this impressive graduate student collections-based research using the Omeka digital exhibit platform, which builds on student work from the previous year’s cohort.

Some of the students will also be presenting their material at a Treasures and Tea event, organised by Special Collections, on Wednesday 4 April at 1-3pm in the Special Collections seminar room.

Treasures and Tea: Old Books, New Tools

Oh My Goat! 2018

Goat2018The EGSS is thrilled to invite you all to Oh My Goat 2018! This Friday, March 30th, our end of term social will be taking place at Beacon Hill Children’s Farm from 10am-12pm. The EGSS will be making a donation to cover entrance costs for all participants. The only thing you may want to bring your wallet for is ice cream. As this is a family event, children and partners are more than welcome!

EGSS Meeting: 4 April 2018

We’re at our last meeting of the semester! We’ll be holding the next EGSS meeting on Wednesday April 4, from 3:30-4:30 pm in the grad lounge. All English graduate students are welcome to attend. Our colloquium is on the following Friday, April 6. The final Pomodoro will be happening right after the EGSS meeting, so stick around—there will be pizza!

At the upcoming meeting, we’ll be reviewing our Date with a Book fundraiser (which is this Thursday!), strategizing for the colloquium, giving a budget update, and talking about future plans and possible roles for the next year.

Meet Your English Department #2: Janice!

Every couple of weeks, an interview with an English department student, faculty member or staff member will be featured on this blog as part of our Meet Your English Department series! Interview topics range from areas of research to favourite restaurants in town which, we hope, will give you a bit of insight into the lives of the people who you see almost every day in the third-floor halls of Clearihue. Enjoy!


Janice Niemann

What is your year of study / What is your role in the UVic English Department?
I am a second-year PhD student as well as the EGSS President and the TAPM.

What are your main research interests?
I work on shrubberies and garden spaces in Victorian novels, but I also love basically all children’s literature.

Where did you do your previous degree(s)?
I did both my BA and my MA at Queen’s.

What is your favourite thing about the UVic English Department?
I love that our department is small enough to give me the chance to know most of the people in it. I am also lucky enough to have an amazing supervisor and committee, so being surrounded by wonderfully smart and supportive people is a bonus too.

What are you reading right now for fun?
Hahahahahahaha… I reread Harry Potter over winter break, does that count?

What are you watching on Netflix right now?
I am watching Grey’s Anatomy with my roommate, Skins, Parks and Rec, and also rewatching my favourite episodes of Buffy.

(Trick question) Are you a dog or a cat person? Justify your answer?
Cat person because I have superior taste.

What is your favourite place in Victoria? On the island?
My favourite place on the island is probably Parksville, specifically the beach at Rathtrevor campground. I spent my summers there as a kid and when the tide is out, you can walk out on the beach for what feels like kilometres. (ocean + nostalgia = happiness)

What would your dream graduate course look like?
I don’t know about course to take, but I have always dreamed about teaching a course on adaptations of Pride and Prejudice. I think the world needs to spend some time looking critically at both the Lizzie Bennett Diaries and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Plus, what could be better than watching Bridget Jones for class?

Have you gone on any fun trips recently? / Are you planning any fun trips right now? Tell us about them.
I haven’t been on any fun trips recently, but I did work at a castle in England (Herstmonceux Castle) for the year before I came to UVic, which gave me many opportunities to travel in and around Europe. Some highlights include London (obviously), visiting my dad’s extended family in Hamburg, spending Christmas in Moscow, traveling from Marrakech out into the desert to sleep under the stars, going on the fastest waterslide of my life in Budapest, seeing a World Junior’s game in Helsinki, watching The Nutcracker in St. Petersburg, and walking on top of the wall around Dubrovnik.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I wanted to be a teacher and an artist, the latter being a dream based in no way, shape, or form on my talents or abilities.