November Meetings

We are meeting TWICE in November 2018. Please join us in the Departmental Meeting Room (Clearihue C344):

  • Thursday, November 8th at 1:30 in Clearihue C344, and
  • Thursday, November 29th at 1:30 in Clearihue C344
We hope to see lots of you there as we will be planning and discussing end of term events.

EGSS Meeting: 8 October 2018

We will be holding our first English Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) meeting of the 2018-19 academic year on Tuesday, October 9th at 4:30 in the grad lounge. All English grad students are invited! We highly encourage you to come, both to hear about our plans for the year, and because we’ll be looking for people to fill many positions (see list here:—any work with the EGSS is, of course, something you can add to your CV.

At this meeting, we will welcome our new Vice President Kirsten Schuhmacher to the EGSS. We will also celebrate the return of our EGSS President Janice Niemann!

See you all on Tuesday!


EGSS Meeting: 4 April 2018

We’re at our last meeting of the semester! We’ll be holding the next EGSS meeting on Wednesday April 4, from 3:30-4:30 pm in the grad lounge. All English graduate students are welcome to attend. Our colloquium is on the following Friday, April 6. The final Pomodoro will be happening right after the EGSS meeting, so stick around—there will be pizza!

At the upcoming meeting, we’ll be reviewing our Date with a Book fundraiser (which is this Thursday!), strategizing for the colloquium, giving a budget update, and talking about future plans and possible roles for the next year.

EGSS Meeting: 27 October 2014

The EGSS is holding its second meeting of the year on Monday, Oct. 27 at 4:30. We will meet in the big boardroom in the Grad (Halpern) Centre, down the hall from the Grad House restaurant, over cookies and pop. All English grad students are welcome!

The meeting agenda is as follows:

  1. Approval of last meeting’s minutes
  2. Executive update
  3. Election of Officers
    1. Academic and Professional Chair
    2. Treasurer
  4. New Business
    1. Revising the EGSS Constitution
    2. Communications: FB page and Listservs
    3. Fundraising programs: Kicking Horse Coffee and/or Purdys Chocolates
    4. Erin Kelly and Shamma Boyarin’s reading and bake sale fundraiser
    5. Course offerings survey
    6. Holiday party
    7. Grad Conference
  5. Business from the Floor

If you have questions about the EGSS or a concern about any aspect of your studies, feel free to contact your EGSS rep. Lawrence Evalyn is the MA rep and Caroline Winter is the PhD rep.

EGSS Meeting: 29 September 2014

The first meeting of the EGSS for 2014–2015 will take place on Monday, September 29 in the Halpern (Grad) Centre, Boardroom 112, starting at 2 pm. The schedule will run as follows:

  1. Executive update
  2. Election of officers
    1. Secretary
    2. Academic & Professional Chair
    3. Conferences & Colloquia Chair
    4. Social Chair
  3. New business
    1. Creation & election of Treasurer position
  4. Business from the floor

All graduate students are encouraged to attend this and all future meetings to make suggestions, raise concerns, and keep abreast of departmental news, regardless of their interest in elected positions.

If you cannot attend the meeting but would like to run for an elected position, please notify Lawrence (le89[at]uvic[dot]ca) or Caroline (winterc[at]uvic[dot]ca) by email. Information about each position is available on the EGSS website:

Thank you,

Caroline Winter & Lawrence Evalyn