Notice of Elections: MA and PhD Representatives

Every fall, the EGSS holds elections to elect an MA Rep and a PhD rep. The MA rep serves as the VP of the EGSS, and the PhD Rep serves as its President.

The Reps serve as liaisons between the graduate student body and the department, and attend department and GSS meetings.

For more information about the EGSS and its executive, visit


The nomination period will begin on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and end on Wednesday, Sept. 16.

To nominate yourself or somebody else, send an email stating your interest in running for either MA Rep or PhD Rep to and, with a cc to the acting MA Rep at

If there is only one nomination for a given position, that person will become the Rep by acclamation.


The campaign period will begin on Thursday, Sept. 17.


Polling will begin on Thursday, Oct. 1 and end on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015. It will be conducted by paper ballot and online.