2018-2019 Elections

All English Graduate Students should have received the following email concerning the EGSS Election Period, which runs from September 12–19, 2018. Natalie and Graham Boldt sent out this notice on September 12, 2018.

Dear English Graduate Students,

We hope the start of the academic year has treated you well. This message is to announce that the English Graduate Students’ Society (EGSS) will be holding its annual elections in the coming weeks. Joining the EGSS is a great way to raise your professional profile, foster community and a supportive departmental culture, and make friends with dedicated and generous people within the department.

The EGSS is a student-run society that operates on behalf of all graduate students in the English department. Its purpose is to maintain and improve all aspects of academic, professional, and social life for English graduate students at UVic. We meet once a month to discuss and debate current issues in the department, organize events, and support new initiatives by and for students. Some things EGSS members have recently created and/or supported include:

  • An end-of-year holiday party, the Snowflake Gala, which will (hopefully) become a yearly tradition
  • A “date with a book” fundraiser: choose a mystery book (lovingly donated and wrapped by your fellow students) based on a cryptic but clever tagline.
  • Pomodoro writing/working sessions where students sit silently and work in structured blocks of time, separated by short breaks. Then we celebrate our productivity with pizza/snacks afterwards!

This email is the official Notice of Elections for President (represented by a PhD student) and Vice President (represented by an MA student). The nomination period runs from Sept. 12-19, 2018. If you are interested in running for either position, please email me at nboldt@uvic.ca. If you would like to nominate a colleague, please CC them on the email, as we will need their permission to present them as an official candidate.

You can find out more about all the roles in the EGSS here. Essentially, the President and Vice President oversee all activities and initiatives of the EGSS. They also handle any confidential concerns about the program or department, and can (with the student(s)’ permission) address the department on their behalf.

Last year, Bassam Chiblak and Janice Niemann served as President in the fall and spring terms, respectively, and Heidi Rennert served as Vice-President. Janice will continue in her role until after the election period has closed. If you have any questions about the positions, please reach out to her at jniemann@uvic.ca or visit the EGSS website https://uvicegss.wordpress.com. The election by-laws are also included below.

Even if you don’t necessarily want to be the President or Vice President, there are still plenty chances to get involved as a chair or member of a committee! Stay tuned for more information.

Wishing you all a happy and productive October,

Natalie Boldt & Graham Boldt

(On behalf of the EGSS)


BYLAW IV – Elections and Resolutions

4.1 Procedures for Elections

a. Elections for Graduate Student Representatives (one from PhD students and one from MA students) shall be scheduled every year in September.

b. Elections shall be conducted by secret ballot using the majority system.

c. Elections shall be conducted by two (2) volunteer Election Officers, who are not permitted to run in the elections.

4.2 Notice of Elections

a. Elections automatically end on the last business day of September every year.

b.  Notice of elections and call for nominations shall be given to members specifying the schedule of elections on the first day of classes in the fall term.

c. Notice shall consist of not less than the following:

i. One email notice to Department of English Graduate Students, sent to the Graduate Student listserv by the Elections Officer. Multiple email notices of elections are encouraged. 

ii. Posting to the UVic Graduate English Facebook group < https://www.facebook.com/groups/uvicgraduateenglish/> 

iii. Single page advertisement of elections posted throughout the Department of English, including but not limited to: the Graduate Student Lounge (Clearihue C350), the Graduate Student Mailbox Area, and the Graduate Director’s office.

iv. Posting on the UVic EGSS website. < https://uvicegss.wordpress.com/>.

4.3 Schedule of Elections

a. Election Nomination Period

i. Nominations shall open for at least seven (7) days. 

b. Campaign Period

i. Campaigns shall open when the nomination period ends.

c. Polling Period

            i. Polling must take place over at least three (3) business days. 

d. Counting of Ballots

            i. The counting of ballots must take place within two (2) business days after the close of polls.


            ii. The counting of ballots should be conducted by the two (2) Election Officers.  


4.4 Election Nominations

a. Nominees must be members of the EGSS. 

b. Nominations should be sent via email to UVicEGSS@gmail.com with the heading “EGSS Nominations”

c. In the case that the nominee is not nominating themselves, they should be cc’d on the nomination email 

4.5 Voting and Ballots

a. Election Ballots should contain the name of the nominees, the positions that they are nominated for, and a place to register a vote. 

b. Ballots should be provided in electronic form

4.6 Results shall be posted in at least the following locations: the Graduate Student Lounge, the Graduate Student Mailbox area, the UVic Graduate Student Facebook Page, and the UVic EGSS website. 

4.7 Acclamations

a. When a nominee runs unopposed, the nominee shall be acclaimed to the desired position at the following meeting.

_______________________________________________ English-grads mailing list English-grads@lists.uvic.ca https://lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/english-grads

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