EGSS Newsletter (Dec. 2016 – Feb. 2017)

In December, we said a sad goodbye to Colleen Donnelly, the English department’s graduate secretary for twenty-five years. We wish Colleen a happy retirement and best wishes on behalf of all the graduate students and held a surprise party in her honour. Colleen’s shoes will be hard to fill but we would also like to extend a warm welcome to Dailyn Ramirez, our new graduate secretary.


We also said goodbye to Angie Park, our Vice President and MA rep for the Fall term. We had a great term under Angie and Bassam’s leadership and Angie will be sorely missed. Thanks and congratulations to Angie for all her hard work and on completing her MA. Congratulations, too, to Conrad Leibel, who will be stepping in as Vice President and MA rep for the Winter term.


January saw some troubling events both in Canada and abroad. UVic President Jamie Cassels issued a statement regarding both the shooting at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec, as well as the United States executive order issued on Jan. 27, which bans entry to the US by citizens of 7 majority muslim countries as well as refugees. Our own EGSS president, Bassam, also wrote a letter to Dean Goto-Jones on behalf of English grad students asking for UVic to mobilize and collaborate in support of those affected. Students at the University of Toronto also created this collaborative, customizable letter and instructions for those looking to contact their MPs with concerns and calls to action. (Note that some aspects of the letter itself specifically mention U of T but can easily be modified or removed.) In February, the UVic President appointed a working group to assess the impacts of the bans on our university and to propose effective and appropriate action.

Despite the challenging times, the EGSS collectively looks forward to representing the interests of its students as well as welcoming the new year and new initiatives.

Good News

Congrats to PhD student, Lindsey Seatter, for winning a SSHRC award and Bombardier scholarship!

Congrats to all winners of 2016/17 donor awards, including Tiffany Chan, Bassam Chiblak, Jennifer Doyle, Denae Dyck, Stephanie Lahey, Hector Lopez Segarra, Sam MacFarlane, Lindsey Seatter, Amy Tang, Brandon Taylor, and Caroline Winter!

Congrats to Tiffany Chan and Amy Tang for presenting at the MLA conference in January!

Congrats to those stepping into new roles in the EGSS, including Conrad Leibel and Reuben Copley (Conference and Colloquia Chair)!

Monthly Meetings

The minutes for December and January’s meetings are posted here and here respectively.  Of note, the Pomodoro sessions were a great success and we hope to continue them, formally or informally, in the coming semester. There is also a proposal for a new committee to represent and support students from minoritized groups, which has been put forward to the EGSS and is in its beginning phases.

There’s lots to look forward to this term, including the English department colloquium, “Discussions of Cohortly Love,” a “Digital Drop-In” event (for working on academic social media profiles) — and other social events and opportunities besides!

Student Blog

Alana Sayers published a post based on her talk in December, titled “Unseen Governance: the Impact of Settler Colonialism on Indigenous Literature.”

Rachelle Tan published a post based her talk at FYI (in turn based on a talk at Congress in the Humanities) on “It’s a (Mis)match! What Tinder Taught me About Swiping Right on Academia.”

Photo by Francisco Osorio, licensed under Creative Commons.

Thanks to all who have contributed to the blog so far! If you would like to contribute, see the “Want to Contribute?” page for more.

Tool Tip: Saving webpages as PDFs

You can save webpages as PDFs in Google Chrome without downloading an extension (similar features in browsers such as Firefox might also exist). To do so, right click and select “Print.” Click on the option to select a printer (“Destination”) — but instead of selecting a printer, select Save as PDF and select the page range and location on your computer you want to save to.

You can use this trick for saving documents to work on offline later, or to save job ads to remember the qualifications they ask for. For more tips like this, see the page for the recent Pro D session on digital research tools.

If you have a suggestion for a tool tip, let us know or consider writing a blog post about it.

Upcoming Events

Photo by Alyssa Currie

Bookish Bouquets Fundraiser (TBA): The EGSS is holding a fundraiser for the grad student travel fund with bookish bouquets and wreaths (see above) available for pre-order by suggested donation of $10 and $12 respectively. If you or someone you know would like to pre-order a bouquet or wreath, email uvicegss[at]gmail[dot]com and we can drop them off in your mailbox!

Weekly on Tuesdays at 10:30am: Pro D Workshops. See CourseSpaces for more and to register. This term, there are sessions on the academic CV, the academic job market, publishing your research and many more.

Feb 12, 11am-2pm: Stolen Sisters Memorial March. A march downtown “to remember and honour Indigenous women, girls, and 2spirit people who have gone missing and been murdered.” See the link for more details.

Feb 14, 6-9pm: Decolonial Love: Indigenous Writer’s Night. If you’re looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day (aka Singles Awareness Day), come feel the decolonial love at the Indigenous Writer’s Night, featuring readings by MA student Alana Sayers.

Poster by Alana Sayers

Feb 16, 6-8pm: GSS Reading Break Board Games Night. Staying in town over reading break and looking for something to do? Try a relaxing board games night at the grad house.

Feb 17: CFP Deadline for English grad students colloquium. The English grad students colloquium, “Discussions of Cohortly Love,” scheduled for the afternoon of March 10th, is looking for student papers. All topics are welcome and students can develop a paper they wrote for a seminar.


Feb 20 at 10am-12pm in CLE314: Digital Drop-In. This event, organized by the Academic and Professional Committee, will offer an opportunity to work on that academic social media profile that you keep meaning to set up but never seem to find time for. It will also be a chance to solicit advice and feedback from your peers.

Feb 21 at 5pm: EGSS Meeting. Because of Reading Break, our monthly meeting has been pushed back to the Tuesday immediately following. Meetings are open to any English grad student — not just the exec! Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm.

Feb 28: CFP Deadline for Indeterminacy. Another chance to get your work out there: the UVic CSPT (Cultural, Social, and Political Thought) program is also holding a graduate conference this year on the theme of “Indeterminacy: Un/knowing a Body in a Space.”

A friendly reminder that the EGSS is also happy to help promote (through Twitter and this website) any events organized by or involving English graduate students (i.e. not limited to official EGSS events). If you have events or good news to share, tweet to @uvicegss or email uvicegss[at] so that they can be included in future newsletters. Posters, images, tips, announcements, CFPs, or links are all welcome!

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