English Graduate Colloquium, Spring 2016: “Ideas of March” Program

EGSS Spring 2016 Colloquium: Ideas of March
Friday, March 4, 2016
Clearihue rm. C109, University of Victoria

2:00 Welcome from moderator, Nadia Timperio

2:05 Caroline Winter
“The Price of Usurpation”: Blood, Money, and Legitimate Ownership in Horace Walpole’s The Castle of Otranto and Clara Reeve’s The Old English Baron

2:15 Rose Morris
All the Monstrous Forms: Feminine Corruption and the Grotesque in Comus, Paradise Lost, and Goblin Market

2:25 Alyssa Currie
Animals in the Archives: Locating Tigers in 18th-Century London

2:35 Q&A

2:50 Break

3:05 Alana Sayers
What is Indigenous Literature?

3:15 Sarah Matheson
Dead in the Water

3:25 Q&A

3:40 Break

3:55 Nadia Timperio
The Problem of Bigger Thomas: Richard Wright’s, Paul Green’s, and Nambi E.
Kelly’s Native Sons

4:05 Yusuf Saadi
Mind and World: The Remnants of the Poetic Subject’s Consciousness in Derek Mahon’s
Night-Crossing and The Snow Party

4:15 Bassam Chiblak
Exclaiming the Panorama in William Morris’s ‘Iceland First Seen’

4:25 Q&A

4:40 Closing Remarks

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