EGSS Meeting Minutes – 26 November 2014

English Graduate Students’ Society

November 26, 2014

Meeting opened at 5:13 by Lawrence Evalyn.

Previous minutes from September 29, 2014 & October 27, 2014 signed.

  1. Correspondence: none
  2. Executive update
    1. News from M.A. Representative: Lawrence Evalyn
      • Off-record airing of concerns
    2. News from Ph.D. Representative: Caroline Winter
      • Attended GSS meeting regarding renovation the Grad House. Approved going forward with an alternate quote and holding a referendum. Next meeting on December 9.
      • Department meeting cancelled; Caroline & Lawrence were not informed. Schedule individual meeting with Gary with concerns for next meeting. Next meeting on December 21
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Academic and Professional Chair: none
    2. Conferences and Colloquia Chair: Becky Rodgers (not present)
    3. Social Chair: Alyssa Currie
      • Holiday party: December 14 (Sunday) from 3:00-5:00 coincides with the drop-in skating at Oak Bay Recreation. Rented space with snacks & drinks. Department to provide $150; apply to GSS for alternative funding (see Treasurer Report). Open invitation for attendants to bring cans for donation. Spouses and children are welcome. Look into printing invitations (in colour?).
      • Department has set aside $150 for end of year party.
      • Undergraduate student/faculty mixer was a success. Several upper-level undergraduates posed questions about graduate school. GSS to organize a similar event that includes undergraduates.
      • Alyssa is still actively posting casual events to Facebook; students are encouraged to organize such things on their own.
  4. Treasurer: Nadia Timperio
    1. Application for funding from the GSS for the holiday party: every department is eligible for $500 between April-May.
    2. Sub-account for EGSS within English department bank account? The department will not allow this. Have GSS pay the department and then have them pay us out? Email Colleen & Gary.
  5. New business
    1. Kicking Horse Coffee Fundraiser
      • On hold due to banking troubles: we couldn’t accept cheques, nowhere to place cash. Postpone until January.
    2. Special Collections Workshop
      • Caroline spoke to Heather Dean and organized a workshop for December 8: how to use Special Collections. Importance of making this a success so Special Collections is encouraged to do more.
      • Possibility of opening it up to other departments? Would this change the focus of the workshop?
      • Alyssa to make flyers to advertise the event.
    3. Banking Troubles
      • We need a bank account. Options: Coast Capital, RBC, Vancity, and T.D. – all located at Shelbourne & Cedar Hill.
      • Motion to open an account with Vancity: Caroline, seconded by Nadia.
    4. Grad Student Survey
      • Caroline sent survey November 20; no responses. Possibility that the survey didn’t send? Caroline to send around again.
  6. Business from the floor
    1. Lacking student attendance at events
      • Possibility of announcing events in class?
    2. Use of the graduate lounge. Caroline approached about the space be reclaimed. Encourage students to use the graduate lounge.
    3. Access to graduate student listservs & social groups
      • Resend Colleen’s email about registering for listservs
      • Caroline & Lawrence to meet about rendering the student list with the social lists
    4. Sam MacFarlane (in absentia) suggested to have a collection box to gather donations to buy holidays gifts for the staff
      • Caroline & Lawrence to set this up
      • Possible gift ideas: David’s tea, holiday goodies, edible arrangements card
    6. MLA Conference conflicting with English 147 tutorial
      • Dr. Blank has confirmed that there is a tutorial – but he supports students attending the MLA
      • Suggestion to have students cover tutorials if they are not going
      • Have Becky organize email chain to organize hotel sharing over Doodle poll; conference attire; organize transportation to the mainland
  7. Next meeting
    1. Meeting scheduled for December 13-15. Doodle poll to select date.
    2. Proposed business:
      • Kicking Horse Coffee
      • Bank Account

Meeting closed at 6:49 by Alyssa Currie.


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