EGSS Meeting Minutes – 27 October 2014

Meeting opened at 4:33 by Lawrence Evalyn, seconded by Becky Rodgers.

Previous minutes approved, will be physically signed at next meeting.

  1. Correspondence: none
  2. Off-record discussion of student concerns
  3. Executive update
    1. Caroline Winter’s notes from the October 20 department meeting
      1. GPO’s report: SSHRC guidelines have changed, updated sample materials pending; concern that SSHRC workshops had low attendance — EGSS will help get the word out when similar events happen
      2. Library officer’s report: new grad research award coming up, library just bought two printing presses
      3. Discussions of course enrollment: trying to determine what courses to offer so people can complete degrees on time — EGSS will survey the grad student body
  4. Election of officers
    1. Treasurer: Nadia Timperio
  5. Officer reports
    1. Social chair
      1. 147 TAs went for Indian food! Communication issues – some students left out of emails, unaware
      2. Small group went to see National Theatre Live’s Frankenstein!
        1. Should go to Count of Monte Cristo and Othello in the spring!
      3. UVic owns a cabin at Cowichan lake—host a grad student retreat? Would make for a fantastic orientation event next year
  6. New business
    1. Fundraising programs: Kicking Horse Coffee and/or Purdy’s Chocolates
      1. Kicking Horse Coffee you don’t have to buy any original stock, just take orders; Purdy’s chocolates have to be bought in advance
        1. Lawrence Evalyn moves to pursue Kicking Horse Coffee fundraiser; Alyssa Currie seconds
        2. Will organize a fixed period to take orders, available in the department
      2. Erin Kelly and Shamma Boyarin’s Star Wars Shakespeare reading and bake sale fundraiser for the travel fund – looking for people to read parts, generally assist; interest parties should contact them
    2. Holiday party
      1. Ice skating! With hot cocoa and board/card games for non-skaters. Invite people to bring food bank donations.
    3. Grad conference
      1. No budget, but department support.
    4. Communications: facebook page and listserv
      1. Caroline Winter will follow-up with Colleen to make sure everyone is on the mailing list
  7. Business from the floor
    1. Concern that some students don’t know their mentors as well as they’d like — at next department meeting, Caroline or Lawrence will encourage mentors to reach out and check in with their mentees
    2. Talk to GPO about having a workshop on professionalization, dress code (especially for conferences), social media, and so on?
  8. Next meeting
    1. Meeting scheduled for 5pm November 26
    2. Proposed business:
      1. Revisions to constitution
      2. Students need help finding supervisors early enough for grant applications
      3. More planning of holiday party
      4. Strike a conference planning committee
      5. Follow-up on coffee fundraiser

Meeting closed at 6:26pm by Nadia Timperio, seconded by Alyssa Currie.