EGSS Meeting Minutes – 29 September 2014

Meeting opened at 2:03pm by Caroline Winter, seconded by Lindsey Seatter.

No previous minutes to sign.

No correspondence to read.

  1. Executive update
    1. State of the EGSS Address from Caroline Winter. Our goals:
      1. Revive the EGSS
      2. Get finances on track
      3. Revise governance documents
      4. Increase transparency
    2. News from the department meeting from Lawrence Evalyn
      1. Department website will be underdoing changes; reminder that graduate students have bio pages on it.
      2. It may interest graduate students to know that 4500 students take AWR classes a year – more than all the 200- and 300-level courses combined. 147 TAs are thus the face of the department to many students.
      3. Graduate students will only be able to defend during semesters in which they are registered – plan accordingly! Be aware that your committee may be away over the summer.
      4. It’s a goal of the department to nominate English students for all on-campus awards – if you do something cool, ask if there are any awards you’re eligible for.
  1. Election of officers
    1. Secretary: Lindsey Seatter
    2. Social Chair: Alyssa Currie
    3. Conferences & Colloquia Chair: Becky Rogers
    4. Academic & Professional Chair: none.
  1. New business
    1. Lawrence Evalyn moved to create a Treasurer position; Alyssa Currie seconded.
      1. The following additions to the EGSS consitutions were proposed:
        1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for creating, managing the funds within, and signing over ownership of an EGSS banking account, co-signed by the President.
        2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for receiving funds from the EGSS’s funding bodies, applying for funds, and disbursing approved funds to other EGSS members for the carrying out of EGSS activities.
        3. The Treasurer shall facilitate the organization of fundraising events.
      2. Constitutional amendment passed unanimously.
    2. Alyssa Currie moved to put out a call for a Treasurer, to be elected at the next meeting; Becky Rogers seconded.
    3. Spring colloquium planning tabled to next meeting.
  1. Business from the floor
    1. Alyssa Currie proposed discussion of social event ideas.
    2. Kevin Tunnicliffe agreed to revive the graduate student listserv.
  1. Next meeting
    1. Meeting scheduled for October 27, at 4:30pm.
    2. Proposed business:
      1. Revisions to the constitution, for clarity.
      2. Preliminary planning for Christmas event.

Meeting closed at 3:06pm by Lawrence Evalyn, seconded by Caroline Winter.