Notice of Elections

The EGSS will soon be holding elections for the positions of PhD Representative (EGSS President) and MA Representative (EGSS Vice President), according to the following schedule:

August 25: Nominations open

Those interested in running, email Lawrence Evalyn at le89[at]uvic[dot]ca with your full name and the name of the position for which you wish to be considered.

September 12: Campaign period begins

Nominations will be accepted until 9:30am September 12. Nominees will be announced on the 12th, and may campaign for their positions until polling begins.

September 22: Polling begins

Polling begins at 9:30am September 22. Paper ballots will be distributed to mailboxes, and completed ballots will be accepted at the English office.

September 29: Polling ends

Polling will end at the close of the English office September 29.

October 1: Results announced

October 10: First EGSS meeting

The first General Meeting of the new EGSS – open to all English graduate students as well as officers – will take place at 3pm October 10, location TBA.

This meeting will serve as the election for the following positions:



Academic & Professional Committee Chair

Conference & Colloquia Committee Chair

Social Committee Chair

Questions may be addressed to Lawrence Evalyn, at le89[at]uvic[dot]ca.