EGSS Meeting Minutes – 7 February 2013

Starting time: 5:16

President’s Report: Tim

Meeting with Gary Kuchar:

  •    Issue of student’s feeling penalized for not gaining SSHRC funding
  •  Lack of transparency concerning options of funding for second year MA students — Perhaps the language of the acceptance letters should be reviewe

Language Requirement Issues:

  •  Problems with fulfillment: general concerns about the framework of the requirement and the specific problem concerning the recent French 300 class such as students not getting grades back in a timely fashion, unnecessarily heavily workload etc.
  • Shaun to write an email and meet with Gary concerning this issue
  •  Problem with how this requirement is presented: concerned as to the rational behind this requirement: understanding why semantics matters
  •   Need more offerings for a language course (Gary to worki on this issue
  • Other solutions:
    1. Possibility of completing online courses offered by other schools
    • Figure out something with the French department

Vice-President’s Report: Kevin

Report of GSS meeting

  • GSS executive board positions:
    •   Looking for nominees: Director of communications, director of services and director of finance, and chair of the graduate student society (which pays)- for more details visit their website

Provincial Graduate Scholarship Proposal:

  • Trying to convince provincial government to establish provincial scholarship for BC coordinated with SFU and UBC- proposal sent to provincial government

UVic redrafting policy on Academic Integrity:

  • too broad, too much in common with undergraduate policy.
  •  Graduate Students should be held to a higher standard.
  •  Graduate students from other cultures are not reflected in the policy

GSS reached a New Collective Barganing Agreement:

  • The paid employees of the GSS are getting incremental pay raises. This will not result in an increase in our fees due to the new operating fund, which has a projected net balance of 32,593.00 which will cover this expense.

“Beyond the Jargon” Radio Show: CFUV interviews graduate students about their research– looking for more participants

Academic and Professional Committee Report: Shaun

  1. Suggestions for grad lounge open
  2. Students receiving marks extremely late in certain classes: bring up this issue with Gary

Conferences and Colloquium Committee Report: Samantha

  1. Upcoming colloquium on Posthumanism- 12 February in the Grad house
  2. Big colloquium at the end of March- organized in terms of thematic panels
  3. Idea of smaller presentations

Social Committee Report- Zaqir

  1. Grad auction: upcoming travel-grant fundraiser
  •    Gary will solicit auctioning items from the staff
  •     Zaqir in charge of location, MC, entertainment etc.
  •     Date still needs to be set- possibly late March or early April
  •    Event page to be set up on which all can post ideas/ requests for entertainment, ie. Bad poetry competition.
  • Entertainment- karaoke, etc. open call
  • Tryouts –musical performances, poetry,

Grad floor hockey event- Zaqir working on organizing this event

Ending time: 6:36