EGSS Meeting Minutes – 7 November 2012

EGSS Meeting

November 7, 2012

Room 112

Present: Trisha Baer, Paula Johanson, Zaqir Virani, Julia Ready, Samantha MacFarlane, Shaun Macperhson, Tim Personn, Kevin Elliott

Starting time: 4:37

1. Report from GSS meeting:

  • Due to scheduling conflicts neither Tim nor Kevin (not the rest of the English Graduate Students) were able to attend the last GSS meeting.
  • Illegal activities are not going on and they are still doing well financially (slightly in the green)

2. Report from the department meeting:

  • The faculty of Graduate Studies demands a 4% budget cut for the Humanities
  • There are two vacant posts that we are currently unable to fill
  • The department’s main goal is to replace these two positions in spite of forecasted budget cuts, but may be unable to do so until next year
  • There was also a proposal for a certificate in professional writing for Graduate Students consisting of 4 core courses and 2 elective courses
  • Digital Humanities is now a major field area for PhD students
  • PhD qualifying exam can now be taken as a three day take home
  • Colloquium option for Grad Students to speak about your paper (hoping to have one or two grad students to participate over the next year)

3. Conference and Colloquium Committee- Samantha MacFarlane

  • Organizing project for next Thursday
  • Kevin to possibly present, Zaqir, Sarah Milligan, open to other participants

4. Academic Committee- Shaun Macpherson

  • Cleaned the lounge, carried out TA mentor responsibilities, thinking of replacing Dora
  • Discussed the possibility of making a monetary improvement to the  lounge by means of a    small collection box to buy a mini-fridge
  • Idea of doing a general fundraiser
  • Possible improvements we could make
  • Mini-fridge (speak with corporate relations)
  • Basic office supplies: Stapler and hole-puncher
  • New kettle, lamp, fan,

5. Social Committee- Zaqir Virani

  • Great Halloween party
  • Plans for a possible Christmas party- afternoon event involving Secret  Santa
  • Still unsure of location, possibly the Grad House
  • Speak to Chris Douglas and Lori (Kevin to follow up with Lori Stewart)

6. Report from Ad Hoc Committee

  • There will be oral exams for both the field and the focus field exams with the graduate advisor present
  • Now allowed to use own computers
  • UBC model based on English model- Write 40 page research essay which will be a chapter of your dissertation and you defend that (rejected)

4. CUPE liaison

  • Possible nomination- Daniel

5. Discussion of a possible MA coursework based degree

  • 10 courses with no major research paper
  • Nearly approved, waiting for the approval of the University Senate
  •  May be implemented as of next semester
  • Problem: Why would you have a two-year program without offering funding for two years?
  • Kevin to discuss these issues with the necessary people

Ending time: 6:09