Welcome to a New Year!

Hello English Grad Students!

It’s October already and the EGSS website is back! I have updated all of the information on the website and we will be using this site semi-regularly to convey information, in conjunction with the department’s private Facebook group for the graduate program.

This website will primarily be used to convey information that would otherwise be more inconvenient to post on the Facebook group (such as, for example, minutes of EGSS meetings). It is also a permanent source of basic information about the EGSS. Lastly, we recognize that not all of the graduate students in the program are connected to the Facebook group, so this website is of particular use for them.

Check back often! I’ve already posted the minutes from the most recent EGSS meeting (below), so you can keep up to date of what’s been happening in the EGSS.

Lastly, congratulations to all of our new committee chairpersons and our new secretary (please view the respective pages for people and committees). We look forward to a productive and awesome year!

Go English!

Kevin, EGSS Vice-President