EGSS Meeting Minutes – 28 March 2012

President’s Report

-Department meeting update:

1) trying to make the department more appealing to outside department students.  Get more electives.  Examples: Tolkien course or Bible as Literature.  Possibly new TA-ships associated with these new elective options.  Yay for fun!  History and other departments trying to steal Tolkien and other hot topics!  We need to take back English Lit!

2) Resources being pooled for teaching first year classes that will eventually be available to TAs

3) Talked to Chris to begin generating ideas on how to make the transition from TAing to sessional teaching more easy.  A more formal meeting will happen in April and will hopefully result in a kind of GPO session at the beginning of every term on how to make the transition

Vice-President’s Report

-Semi-annual GSS meeting

1) New chair ratified and director of services ratified

2) Kevin might be elected as Director of Communications!

3) applications for travel grants need to be received 2 months before travel.  GSS decided to not involve Faculty f Graduate Studies in the more administrative side.  And people who have not received a travel grant before would have priority

Social Committee



2) They’re still accepting donations! And more bad poetry contestants are welcome!

-The Pub Crawl

1) Sat. May 12th as possible date

Colloquium Committee

1) They’re awesome!!!

2) the MFA students we’re great!

Academic and Professional Committee

1) No report!

Thanks Sandra and Max for being awesome!!!!!!!!!