EGSS Meeting Minutes – 29 February 2012

Approve last meetings minutes

President’s Report

Stay tuned for next meeting

Vice President’s Report

GSS is aware of colloquium and invite extended

Travel grant funding negotiations happening on March 1st 9AM

QP341 March 23rd 2-4pm in the grad house

New GSS chairs taking over in April.  They needDirectors of Sudent Affairs, Communications, and Finance.  You can stand for election on Mar. 27th general meeting

Food bank—might start having GSS pay for use of the food bank or cut off grad students at the end of September.  Looking at other options so they do not have to raise fees.  Thrifty’s smile cards might be another option.  Limit on amount of assistance from Thrifty’s but because GSS is separate from the university so willing to work them.  Need a business plan from the GSS for that to happen.  Food security meeting sometime next week. E-mail Michael Anthony or Julia Monk if you want to be included.

BC Graduate Student Scholarship proposal—call for dedicated provincial scholarship program that 840 grad students would receive $3000 for 3 semesters starting in 2018.  Presidents of UVic, SFU, UBC are all behind this program.  David Turpin helped craft the GSS proposal.  One of the provisions of the program would be that you cannot have outside funding and there would be no limit on discipline.  Would not be limited based on nationality!

The GSS would like feedback on UVSS clubs.  Is there any interest in separate grad student club? Insurance advantage to sticking to UVSS model.  Any experience with clubs please pass on that information.

The Grad House restaurant is making profit yay!

March 16th St. Urho’s Day-fake finish saint from Minnesota.  Wine Specials that day at the GH!!!!

Social Committee

Auction Fundraiser

March 30th in the evening time

Will be at the University Club—good deal and variety of drinks! Also PA system to provide entertainment aka Bad Poetry Contest!

You can e-mail to sign up for entertainment or go to the website! Rolling submission of your entertainment

Can we donate books for the auction?

Can really donate anything for the auction: like use of a truck, or fly-fishing lessons, or other functional services and skills if you don’t want to auction an item

No pressure for grad students to actually purchase things in the auction

End of the year event ideas?

Last year was a pub crawl.  Should we do it again?

YES! When? May-ish look for an online poll on that date

Pub Night???

Is the current plan working?

What about after EGSS meetings?

IT should work for people on the social committee

Perhaps a facebook group? Maybe this would solve the pub night whims

Maybe go to Smuggler’s Cove after the EGSS meetings?

Conference and Colloquia Committee


Are awesome! $500 from GSS and $200 from Grad Studies

Response from Grad Students

The response was grand!

About 15 presentations

If you want to join the paper jam session contact the committee by the end of the week

Schedule release

Will be out by Sunday after checking with the presenters

Will be circulated to Faculty, grad students, and GSS

Presentations will be in this room where we’re meeting right now!!! (Room next to the GSS office)


Mini pizzas!!!!!! Wine!!! Cheese!!!! Fruit!!!

Reading from the Creative Writing people as well

At 4:30 will be in the side lounge

Academic and Professional Committee

General updates about last meeting

Talked to Chris about stuff from last meeting

Work Space: a lot of it is in the grad handbook.  English library, grad lounge, and 2 shared offices—CLH D124C and D223 (was a free space but was assigned to people for the rest of the term based on a lottery system)

D223 is on loan from the Dean of Humanities—so no planning around that for next year

Humanities common space CLH B324 is accessible through a pass code (7738) this is shared space so

MA space is the 2 TA offices but that is not necessarily encouraged so the TAs can use it for outside office hour meetings

They are doing a study to see what grad students have office space perhaps that will change in the next year and we will get more space!

Candidacy exam space is understood to be D223 and the people in the office are asked to give you the space when there is an exam

Mentorship Program—Chris proposed that when the process happens through Colleen he is going to look at the template to incoming student and peer mentor so that role and duties are clarified.  After looking at correspondences and Colleen we may or may not try to figure out what role the EGSS will play in the mentorship program.  If it becomes too much for the department then perhaps the EGSS might get a list of who is actually in the program and prodding will fall to us.

Language exam—if we make it clearer what we are looking for when grading it will make it more difficult to pass because it will be based on a rubric.  French and German graded by the department.  Other languages are graded by appropriate specialist.  The department grades on a curve based on each batch kind of.  They are basically graded as a group and then the appropriate passing grade is based on the batch being graded.  More clarity prohibits this more flexible grading.  People might be more accepting of the grade when they know the process of the grading.  If you fail you can appeal the language exam through the grad advisor.  It is in the handbook but not under the language section.  Can’t standardize feedback because other departments grade for free.  If ask for feedback they not be so inclined to grade for us. The tests are constantly updated and rotate out the samples

Other Business

Is there a formal system to get student supervisors? Economics department has a kind of matchmaker process through their grad secretary.  We kind of have this through the faculty mentor program.  And through the mentor maybe then ask for a supervisor. Do we want a more formal system?  General consensus no.  Keep it based on a more personal level.  Make it clear that you can knock on someone’s door who you don’t know.  Maybe more faculty-student socials to make the situation less intimidating.  We could produce a more informal fact sheet on how to get a supervisor.