Travel Fund Fundraiser!

Hello friends!

We’re spamming you a bit tonight, but it’s for a good cause – your travel fund! Alright, let’s get to the nitty-gritty. At the end of March, right before classes are over, the EGSS and faculty will be holding a fundraiser to raise some money for the English department graduate student travel fund. All this money goes to us, and it helps a lot for those who need a little extra funding to go to or present at conferences that are off this little island of ours.

This fundraiser will consist of a pretty stellar series of events:

  • a silent auction
  • bad poetry contest
  • spoken word
  • music, if you like

Now, given that we, the students, are fairly strapped for cash, the faculty usually help with most of the funding that is raised. HOWEVER – we still need to do our part and show our lovely faces at this event. The more the merrier! It will be catered with food, and have an open bar (as usual).

There are a couple ways you can help with this fundraiser, outside of just attending. First, you could offer to put something up for auction. You could offer to pet-sit for someone, or knit something, or bake a cake. Also, there might be something on auction that you want – for example, the last few years the lovely Stephen Ross has offered his pickup (and his help) for an afternoon to the lucky winning bidder. Who doesn’t need a vehicle every now and then? Back on track: second, you could offer to enter the bad poetry contest! Write the worst poem you can and present it! OR find the worst poem you can and present that! Yes, the WORST! We want it all! Third, you could play an instrument or try spoken word or put on a one-man show (max 7 mins. per person depending on the amount of volunteers we get). Want to do a Shatner rendition of Beowulf? You’re welcome!

If you’re getting excited about this (and we sure hope you are!), then email BOTH Leah Ellingwood (leahell[at]uvic[dot]ca) AND Kevin Elliot (kevin[dot]elliott[at]hotmail[dot]ca) to let them know what you’d be up for! Or anyone else in the EGSS – they’ll refer you onward to the both of them.

Looking forward to hearing all the great ideas as we organize this sure-to-be hilarious event!

With all our best,

Your EGSS Team